The 2022 Shell Internship Program and How It Can Help You – Apply Now

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The 2022 Shell Internship Program and How It Can Help You – Are you one of the many young graduates out there who can’t wait to break into the field of petroleum engineering? The 2022 Shell Internship Program, now accepting applications for its inaugural class, can help get you started on your new career path in an exciting and challenging area of engineering. Here’s what you need to know about the program, including how to apply, what it entails, and why it could be the perfect fit for your career as an engineer.

Who Is Eligible?

If you’re a 22-year-old college graduate or a recent college grad with less than two years of professional experience, you can apply for our internship program. (Although we look for candidates who graduated in the past year, you may be able to work around your class schedule.) We’re looking for motivated employees who want to help shape how people move around town in 2022. To apply, email us your resume along with a cover letter telling us about what excites you about working at Royal Dutch Shell and why you’d like to participate in our program. Please also include any contact information for your employer or school references.

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What Jobs Are Available?

If you’re looking to get into a field like petroleum engineering, drilling or reservoir, there are numerous internship programs that offer hands-on experience. However, for most positions outside of those areas—like human resources or finance—it’s common to be hired directly after graduation.

While internships are usually unpaid (as is typical), they can help your resume stand out from other candidates in similar fields and give you a leg up if you end up applying for a job with that company. They can also help you discover whether or not a particular industry is right for you as you try your hand at an internship related to your long-term career goals. This can even be great experience if it helps point you in a completely different direction.

Work Assignments and Placements

One of our top concerns is to prepare you for working life by making sure you get a variety of assignments and placements. Because we know that people learn in different ways, we aim to present as many experiences as possible. Your work experience will be different from other graduates’, but you will all have one thing in common: it should help you develop knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to your chosen career path.

As well as giving you a chance to practise what you have learned on placement, or while doing an internship in industry (e.g., at home or abroad), assignments give us at least two important opportunities: to evaluate your progress; and to challenge yourself with different types of situations or environments.

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What Do I Get Out of This?

The most obvious benefit is that, for four years, you’ll have a regular paycheck. Shell internships also come with perks, like having time off to explore your city and work on creative projects. Some interns are even offered paid positions after their internship ends! If you don’t want to commit to an entire year at one company, multiple internships give you more experience in different sectors of your field.

With three or four of them under your belt, you can feel confident about finding full-time employment after graduation. Finally, taking advantage of an internship program helps smaller businesses access top talent and fulfill job orders they otherwise couldn’t fill—which means more jobs for graduates!

Application, Selection, Training and Expectations

Shell’s internship program has its roots in a 1998 merger between Royal Dutch/Shell Group, NV (known as The Royal Dutch Petroleum Company) and British Petroleum Co. Ltd. In 2004, we launched our global internship program with Mondi Shinkansen – Sharing Knowledge Across Generations to develop younger staff members. Each year since then, more than 2,000 interns have participated in our programs around the world. A selection process is used to choose these interns; candidates must apply for their chosen location before going through an interview process to narrow down the group.

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