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Apply now for 2022 University of New South Wales Scholarships – The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is the world’s best university in the QS World University Rankings 2019, and one of the top-ranked universities in Australia. It has two international campuses, in Sydney and Dubai, and offers more than 1,200 degree programs, spanning engineering and technology, business and economics, health sciences, law and the humanities.

Scholarship Overview

University of New South Wales is a public research university in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1949 with the intention to provide opportunities for higher education to all citizens, especially those who had served in World War II and had been denied educational services because of their nationality, race or creed. Today UNSW is one of two Australian members of AQF Universities. UNSW graduates rank among some of Australia’s most successful, occupying positions as engineers, medical researchers, legal eagles and even astronauts! In 2018 QS ranked UNSW 11th worldwide in its Global Rankings; making it an attractive option for international students wishing to study abroad! With flexible modes of studying at an affordable price (2018$22k/yr), applying for a scholarship at UNSW may open up new doors!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scholarship? A scholarship is an award granted to a student on financial, merit or need-based grounds. While most are only available to undergraduate students, many also offer programs that cater to graduate and postgraduate degree seekers. What’s so special about University of New South Wales scholarships? University of New South Wales (UNSW) was founded in 1949 and has grown into one of Australia’s most prestigious and well-recognized public universities. As part of its ongoing effort to remain at the forefront of higher education, UNSW strives to attract diverse and talented students from around the world by offering numerous scholarships throughout its various faculties.

Key Dates

Entries close on 31 October 2021 and selected applicants will be notified in March/April 2022. Application requirements: International applicants must: have achieved a grade point average (GPA) greater than 3.0 (or equivalent). Have an overall Band score of 6.5 or above in IELTS, TOEFL or Pearson Test of English; Have completed a minimum of two years full-time study at an accredited university; Hold an offer from UNSW and provide evidence that it will still be available by 1 February 2022. Funding Details: This scholarship is worth AUD$50,000 per year (up to 4 years). Overseas Student Health Cover is provided as part of your student visa but you’ll need to organise your own private health insurance while studying at UNSW.

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International Student Considerations

Planning to study in Australia? Here are a few considerations you should keep in mind if you’re applying to universities in Australia. The application process can seem long and complicated, especially when you consider factors like cost and whether or not you’ll be able to work while studying at university. Remember, however, that there are steps you can take prior to actually applying that will make your student life much easier later on. (And once you arrive on campus, never hesitate to ask questions—your teachers and administrators want to help!)

Australian Education System

Australia’s education system is a three-tiered school system (primary, secondary and tertiary). Within Australia, primary schools range from kindergarten to year 6; secondary school covers years 7 to 12; and tertiary institutions are universities, TAFE colleges or other higher education institutions. The majority of Australian university students complete their degree in an honours program (i.e., honours bachelor’s degree). Honours degrees provide students with more specialized study that may lead to enhanced career prospects. Master’s degrees are usually research based or involve an internship or clinical placement. These are postgraduate qualifications that allow graduates to gain a deeper understanding in a chosen area of study within their field of expertise. Doctorates generally take around five years to complete and have strict eligibility requirements.

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Cost of Living in Australia

Australia is a great place to live and study as an international student, with a high quality of life, friendly people and low costs. The cost of living in Australia can be around $30-$50 per day, including food and accommodation. However, you may find that depending on your lifestyle you need to budget up to $150 per day if you like to eat out regularly or go on weekend getaways. If you have any questions or concerns about funding your studies while at university then contact our partner Study Group today who will be able to help with your enquiries as they have over 45 years’ experience assisting international students every step of their journey here in Australia.

How to Save for a Study Abroad Program

You’ve heard all about it. You’ve seen countless photos on Instagram and read all of your friends’ stories about trips abroad. Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that lets you experience different cultures and new ways of life, while making memories to last a lifetime. The problem? It can also be expensive—very expensive. By taking some precautions beforehand, however, you can ensure that your study abroad experience doesn’t break your bank account or hinder your academic progress in any way…

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Tips For Applying To A Study Abroad Program In Australia

If you’re an international student, you’ve probably spent a good amount of time researching study abroad programs in Australia. After all, there are plenty to choose from! You may even have put together a list of your top schools and been ready to apply. The thing is, though—you may not know where to start when it comes to writing your application essays. For many people (particularly those who are new to writing academic essays), that can be intimidating. Here are some tips for applying successfully

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