How to Activate Facebook Dating and Find Your Perfect Match

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How to Activate Facebook Dating and Find Your Perfect Match – Once upon a time, Facebook was only about friends and family sharing their lives with each other. Then, Facebook went and changed the game by adding an extra tab called Dating that allows you to browse singles in your area without giving up your privacy. If you want to learn how to activate Facebook Dating and find your perfect match, keep reading to discover how to navigate the new feature and use it to your advantage!

Download the app

To get started, you’ll have to download and open up Facebook Dating. It’s available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. In terms of functionality, it works similarly to Tinder: You’ll swipe right if you like a potential match, or left if you don’t. But unlike Tinder, Facebook will not only show you people who are single but also those in relationships (if they choose). According to McClendon, that makes it harder for someone who’s looking for a hookup. It also means that there is more vetting before matches can be made.

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Start a conversation

The fastest way to activate your Facebook dating profile is by starting a conversation with someone you’re interested in. If you don’t know anyone using dating yet, search for people in your area or users who have liked similar profiles. Once you see an interesting profile, send them a message saying hello (or something a little more specific). The key here is being social—if you sit back and wait for someone else to start things off, it will likely never happen. Don’t be scared off if they don’t respond right away. A good portion of people are on these sites but might just not be looking for love at that moment in time. Keep messaging those who seem responsive and genuine; eventually, one might spark interest from your match.

Get verified

The first step in starting a new relationship is getting your profile verified. This ensures that you’re who you say you are—and, ideally, increases your chances of finding someone with whom your personality clicks. Make sure that you’ve added a headshot (that means full-body picture!) before looking for matches. It may sound old school, but it helps people feel more comfortable about adding you as a match: In an online dating study by Harris Interactive and Reuters, 46% of people said they don’t want to go out with someone unless they can see what they look like fully clothed!

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Invite friends

Once you’ve joined dating, you should invite your friends who are on Facebook. Inviting them will help ensure they accept your invitation, so they can discover that you’re available for dating and start swiping through potential matches with you. If a friend of yours is currently using Facebook Dating but hasn’t yet approved your request, it means he or she hasn’t opened up a romantic relationship on Facebook. It’s likely that he or she has not been browsing for new partners (yet). Once in a while, opening up an account to find love can be awkward, so let him or her know that you’ve already done it!

Enjoy dating in your own way!

While some people do use Facebook for dating, it’s important to know that there are other ways of getting out there. If you’re looking for love online, remember that these types of websites often require a subscription. So, if you want free dating then simply sign up for a free account on social media like Twitter or Instagram. If you’re ready to get serious about finding your match then check out our guide: 9 Online Dating Websites To Help You Meet Your Soulmate . We cover all of your bases from how much it costs (it’s not as much as you think) to which sites have hundreds of thousands of members in your area waiting for you.

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