The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Dating – Get Started in a Few Easy Steps

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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Dating – Facebook has recently introduced Facebook Dating, a new tool that will make it easier than ever to connect with potential love interests who might otherwise have slipped through the cracks of your everyday social media life.

Whether you’re interested in meeting someone new, or you just want to get better at flirting online, Facebook Dating can help you out, but there are some things you should know before diving in headfirst – here’s everything you need to know about Facebook Dating and how to use it!

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

In 2018, Facebook began rolling out a new tool called Dating that allows users over 18 years old to seek out romantic partners. It operates similarly to other dating apps; you’ll be prompted for your relationship status, and then are presented with people who are interested in meeting up and potentially dating you.

To ensure users stay safe on Facebook, there is also a feature that allows users to block or report anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable. Many of our clients choose not to activate their Facebook Dating feature due to privacy concerns, but we recommend using it at least once so you can see how it works and make sure it’s something you feel comfortable using. You never know what may come of it!

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Sign Up Process

To sign up for Facebook Dating, open your profile and navigate to Settings. Then, click on Dating in the list of options. It’s pretty easy from there. You’ll create a username and link it with your existing account.

How To Use Facebook Chat In Facebook Dating

It’s a simple setup process and it’s not very different from activating most of Facebook’s other apps. Once you’ve set up your account and downloaded it onto your smartphone, you’ll get an opportunity to install Chat for Facebook.

To do so, follow these steps: Go into your phone’s app store; search for Facebook; look for Facebook Messenger (it will be next to any other versions of Messenger that you already have); tap on Messenger; scroll down until you see a section marked Dating; tap on it; tap on Get Started; and then choose whether or not you want your profile information sent automatically when someone asks you out.

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Additional Resources

Facebook has launched a whole new dating service on its platform that’s currently being tested in Colombia. It allows users to create separate dating profiles and find dates without their friends knowing about it. Users can set up their dating profile with a few clicks, which is nothing compared to how long it would take on OKCupid or Tinder. Here’s how Facebook Dating works:

1) Search for people: First you have to say who you want to date — whether it’s men, women or both — and then specify how far away they should be from you (within 25 miles). Your settings also ask whether you only want your real friends or if you want matches from other networks too.

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