Facebook Story Music: How to Add Music to Your Facebook Story

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Facebook Story Music – Adding music to your Facebook Story can add interest and fun to your posts, but the process isn’t always easy or quick. Fortunately, there are several ways you can do this, and this guide will walk you through them all so you can quickly learn how to add music to your Facebook Story and have fun doing it! This article will teach you everything from where to find free background music for your Facebook story, to adding in your own songs, which apps are easiest to use, and more!

Step 1 – Record Voiceover

A good way to tell your story is by adding a voiceover. Whether you’re doing a tutorial or sharing your thoughts, having some background music playing in the background can help make it more engaging for viewers. You’ll want to record your voiceover in advance—that way, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing when it comes time for you add it. However, don’t worry about getting everything perfect during your recording session—you can edit and change things later.

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Step 2 – Import Audio into Your Video Editing Software

Now that you’ve identified your audio source, it’s time to import it into your video editing software. There are many different options for importing media but for the purposes of a Facebook story, we recommend using iMovie on Mac or Final Cut Pro X on a Mac and PC. (I know what you’re thinking… Windows users have fewer options for adding music to their videos, but there are ways!) iMovie is simple and easy-to-use for beginners with limited resources, but if you’re looking for an advanced video editor with more functionality check out Final Cut Pro X . They both offer a free trial version that is great if you’re just getting started.

Step 3 – Match BPMs

The first thing you’ll want to do is select your music. Many people choose songs with similar beats per minute (BPMs) to match up with their story. This way, when it comes time for your video and music to play together, you won’t notice any sudden changes in tempo. To find a song’s BPMs, check out its details page on sites like iTunes or Spotify. On Apple Music and iTunes, you can even browse by BPM! Browsing by these numbers ensures your story will be as seamless as possible when you upload it onto Facebook later on. On top of that, ensure that all of your songs have a similar genre; if they’re too varied in genre, they could clash against each other or sound disjointed in general!

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Step 4 – Sync the Songs With your Video

Once you have created your story and written a description for it, you’ll want to go into your music library and add songs. Be sure that when adding a song, you select it as Favorites. This will ensure that each time you record a video, your favorite songs will be selected. You can also remove some of them by clicking on Remove at the top of your song selection screen.

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