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Is it necessary to tip tow truck operators for their services? Tow truck owners and drivers have taken contrasting sides in the argument. So, what is the truth? America happens to be a tip-conscious country. Tips are expected for almost every service provided by waiters, valets, hairstylists, manicurists…etc.

Ministrations like restaurant service always require a tip. However, conventions around gratuity for roadside assistance or towing services are not always clear.

Is it necessary to tip roadside assistance?

If you contact a roadside assistance service like and inquire whether tipping the tow truck driver is required, you’ll be told that you don’t need to tip.They may further explain that the company’s roadside assistance personnel are paid for their work. Hence, they believe that tips are not part of their overall compensation.

However, if you go through online forums asking the same question, you’ll get a variety of answers from readers. Some argue that the services provided by companies like AAA are difficult. Therefore, they are of the opinion that exceptional skill and kindness should be rewarded with a tip.

Others may argue that services such as a tire change or jump-start are so routine. Therefore, they should not require anything other than the initial cost to guarantee a job well done.

Tow drivers of course appreciate tips. This is so especially if they make minimum wage or think they’re paid too little by their employer.

There are pretty adamant arguments for both sides of this issue. Therefore, if the company stands against tipping, you can do whatever you wish depending on how generous you’re feeling.

If you feel the worker deserves a tip, the general consensus is $5 for small services like a jump-start or flat tire. For a tow, the general tip is $10.

You can of course give more or less, depending on your ability. Generally, if you’re not sure how much to tip in any kind of situation, you can start with 10 percent of the total service cost.


It is generally good to tip because kindness and hard work deserves reward. If the company advises against tipping however, you can decide whether or not to tip for yourself. If you feel the worker went above and beyond and therefore deserves a tip, feel free to do just that. Also, you can give more or less than the general tip depending on your capacity.

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