Alien Abduction Insurance – Crazy insurance Policies

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What is Alien abduction insurance? This is an insurance policy meant to cover your costs if you get kidnapped by extraterrestrials. AAI is also known as UFO insurance. It’s supposed to cover you in case you are taken by a non-human life form from another planet. There are a few companies that claim to cover you in case you are taken by aliens. However, they are more of a gag gift or gimmick

How AAI (Supposedly) Works

Theoretically, Alien Abduction Insurance is purchased in the same way as any other policy. You get to pay a premium at a particular. Then, the insurer provides compensation for any loss suffered by you as a result of being taken.

Alien Abduction Insurance is a mere gimmick. Don’t be deceived into thinking that it is a real coverage. It could make a funny joke gift for a friend with a good sense of humor by the way.

Not many agencies cover an incidence of abduction. However, there is one that will issue you a certificate of coverage. The Saint Lawrence Agency promises to give you $10 million in insurance if you can prove you were indeed taken. However, they only make payments of $1 per year. This simply means that you will have to live for a million years before you can receive your full amount.

What Does Alien Abduction Insurance purport to Cover?

Alien Abduction Insurance policies claims to provide coverage for:

  • Psychiatric care
  • Temporal anomaly injuries
  • Injuries from alien examinations
  • Transporter psychosis
  • Psychiatric care
  • Alien pregnancy (for both men or women)
  • Theron exposure
  • Tractor beam burns

They might also purport to cover:

  • Vehicle replacement, if the aliens took your car and didn’t return it with you
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Other financial losses that result

If you intend to look into Alien Abduction Insurance you should ensure that your policy covers the things you’ll likely come across. Every insurer is different. So be sure to ask what is covered and how the payments are made.

When buying a policy, have it in mind that you are taking a chance. You need to look closely at all the details. Real insurance policies will likely cover everything that can happen to you if you’re abducted.

Who Needs Alien Abduction Insurance?

We’ve all heard stories and seen movies or films about alien abductions. Because there are no proofs, it is perfectly normal for people to question if it is possible. It is also normal for people to wonder whether they should prepare for such abduction. Bear in mind that insurance doesn’t prevent you from being kidnapped. Thus, if you’re only afraid being taken, insurance may not be the best choice for you.

Insurance might not be a bad idea if you are scared about what such abduction might do to your finances and health. But you might want to consider policies other than AAI, such as health or life insurance. AAI is just a joke. It is better to purchase a real policy with real coverage.

What Can You Get Instead of Alien Abduction Insurance?

Instead of purchasing Alien Abduction Insurance policy, you can look for policies that cover possible injuries or trauma that might happen. That way, you would be covered whether you were kidnapped from Earth or not. This coverage could be financial, educational, medical, psychiatric, or something else.

If your car is damaged or stolen by ‘aliens’, you can report it as a vandalized or stolen vehicle. Your car insurance will likely cover it if the necessary requirements are met.

As a matter of fact, most insurance policies already cover everything you’ll need if you’re kidnapped by aliens. They just don’t call it alien abduction policies. There is no need for such an approach (for now).

In conclusion, Alien Abduction Insurance is obviously not real. Other kinds of insurance policies should cover everything that could happen to you if you get abducted. Your health and finances could be affected by an abduction. You should have an actual coverage if you’re worried about anything.






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