Unskilled Jobs for Foreigners in Australia with Visa Sponsorship 2022 – Visa sponsorship Jobs in Australia

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Unskilled Jobs for Foreigners in Australia with Visa Sponsorship 2022 – Are you aspiring to work and live in Australia with Visa sponsorship for jobseekers, this article was put together just for you seeking for Job outside your present country? Click the Link below to Apply

If you believe you can work in an unskilled job, if you can also offer some services that will be a plus to your employee, then this opportunity may be available for you.

We will be discussing some jobs in Australia that require little or no experience and you may likely be granted sponsorship than other jobs you can find in Australia, see below for the list of Jobs you can apply easily.

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Fashion Designers

With fashion being a booming industry within Australia, many foreigners are flocking to major cities like Sydney and Melbourne to try their hand at fashion design.

With tons of growing demand, there are countless opportunities available within local boutiques and large-scale clothing stores alike.

  • Shopper Assistants (Sydney) – $24,000
  • Apprentice Fashion Designers (Melbourne) – $30,000
  • Production Assistants (Sydney) – $24,000
  • Display Designers (Melbourne) – $27,500 5. Sales Associates (Brisbane) – $25,500

Office Administrators

More and more Australian businesses are automating office functions like printing, filing, and accounting.

This is leading to a drop in demand for skilled office workers—meaning there are plenty of opportunities out there for administrative assistants from other countries who want to move Down Under.

With an annual salary of $60,000 (for full-time employees), you might find it easy to save a down payment on a house or start your own business.

Just keep in mind that demand can fluctuate depending on local economic conditions.

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Sales Agents

They work to sell products and services, like food or electronics. Some people find sales jobs interesting because they get to meet lots of different kinds of people.

There’s also a lot of travel involved in some positions. However, you don’t need a whole lot of skill to do well at sales jobs, but they pay very well (usually) if you can keep customers coming back to your business.

Retail Assistants

There are dozens of retail chains spread across Australia that hire foreign nationals, particularly from Europe and Asia.

Some of these retailers include Myer, Big W, Kmart, Target and Woolworths. Most jobs will require fluency in English and hands-on experience dealing with customers.

Hairdressers and Barbers

You can now work as a hairdresser or barber in Australia on a visa sponsorship.

You don’t need to be a professional, but must have 2 years’ experience and be proficient with scissors, clippers and an array of hair-cutting techniques.

You also must hold your own working holiday visa or permanent residency in order to secure employment.

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Childcare Workers

While Australians pay very high wages, childcare workers are not paid as much as most other unskilled workers.

With a lack of childcare, your earnings will go up even further. However, it is difficult to secure a job working with children because of strict background checks, which may involve criminal history and previous employment history checks.

In general, childcare jobs are easier to get if you have experience working with children or infants.


You don’t need a special visa to cook up a storm Down Under—you just need to meet their requirements.

Chefs fall under a skill shortage list category, so as long as you can prove your culinary experience, you can get yourself an Australian working visa.

Construction Workers

As one of Australia’s largest employers, construction companies are always looking for skilled and unskilled workers to help them with their projects.

It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not; construction companies are always hiring. You just need to be willing to work hard and do what you’re told.

In return, these jobs can pay well—anywhere from $20 per hour to more than $50 per hour, depending on what type of project you’re working on.

Remember: everything has a price tag attached to it when you’re trying to earn a living as an employee, so be prepared to pay taxes at all times.


There is a shortage of nurses and general careers, who assist patients with activities of daily living, including administering medications and treatments.

Nurses will earn an average income of $1,500-$2,000 AUD per week.

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Unskilled labor in Australia is at a premium, especially as its tourism industry has grown in recent years.

Bars and restaurants looking to hire must seek foreign workers due to massive unmet local demand, but it’s not just hospitality that can use a hand;

Australians are generally paid more for unskilled work than their overseas counterparts. People with bartending experience can find jobs quickly and easily with little or no English needed.

Make sure you have your legal paperwork filed before starting out—and keep your receipts!

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