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Study in Australia as a Foreigner – Are you thinking of studying in Australia and knowing more about its environment which is situated in the southern Hemisphere, Australia is known for surfing, marsupials and its warm weather?

The country has a large area of 7.69 million square kilometers, it is also the 6th largest country in the world. Australia has a number of over 25 million people, it has a very rich culture and history are founded on its Aboriginal heritage and an amazing culture. They are also known for a global leader in the education. This has made it the most popular study location for foreigners.

Why study in Australia?

It has been proven that Australia has a very strong and consistent standard for education across the globe. They have the world’s largest percentage of higher education qualified population. The country has recorded the best graduates in the world analysis. They have also increased a world class education system, offering a very good quality education for very affordable tuition fees.

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Australia has 37 government funded universities. And two private universities. There are also a number of other specialist higher education institutions. In 2022 QS World there where 26 Australian institutions, they rankings top 500, 7 of which are in the top 100. The highest ranked is the Australian National University which is top 27th.

About Australian

Australia is one of the most accommodating and diverse countries. The most population were either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas. They have 260 languages being spoken in homes across Australia! It will really be amazing to live and study in Australia with their high level of diversity.

Australian is known as a tourist country, it is the oldest, flat, and dry inhabited continent, and is a megadiverse country. It has a vast range of landscapes and habitats for plants and animals.

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Cost of studying and living in Australian

The currency that is used in the Australian is known as the Australian Dollar (A$) or AUD.

The cost of your tuition fees that will be charged for your study will depend on different variable. It can be based on the country you came from, the other is the institution you choose to study, is either public or private institutions. Private institutions is likely going to charge more than public institutions.

If you are an indigene, you will not be required to pay a full tuition fee, you will pay part and the government of Australian will be the other.

If you are an international student, you will be required to pay a full tuition fee for your course. For an undergraduate bachelor degree, the fee can be between A$15, 000 and A$33,000. For a master degree, this can be between A$20,000 and A$37,00.

Doctoral degree, it is between A$14,000 and A$37,000. These tuition estimates do not account for higher value courses, such as veterinary science or medicine. For more information visit their website.

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Funding to study in Australia

For international student, you will not be giving equal funding assistance as domestic students. This simply means that if you want financial assistance towards funding your studies, you will have to apply for a scholarship or bursary to help. Australia has a strong record of welcoming international students, so there are a lot of options for funding.

Some individual institutions offer scholarships and funding, there are also some governments associated scholarships available for international students.

How to Apply

There is no specific application system for applying to an Australian institution as a foreign student. It means that you will need to apply to each of your chosen institutions individually.

Every institution will have several requirements for your application, there are some standard requirements across institutions. These include showing that you have enough funds, can also understand the tuition language to some level, and you have prepared to be covered by health insurance as an international student. To get more information contact the intending institution of study for more details.

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