Student Loan Apps Review 2022 | Best 10 Loan Apps For College Students In 2022

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Student Loan Apps Review 2022 – University students face many financial circumstances in school. The conditions are draining physically, mentally and financially. In addition, pressures from educational experiences might weigh students down emotionally.


This article will now discuss the best students loan apps review 2022, their requirements and their features. So kindly read along to find out more!

Fair Money

Fair money is one of the best loan apps in Africa. It is an app that is easy to navigate. It is also safe and secured. Moreover, it has an exciting borrowing range of 1500- 5000 naira.



  • Student’s BVN


  • Working ATM


  • An existing bank account


Branch Loan App

Another student loan app that is fast and secured is the branch loan app. Students do not need to tender any collateral before collecting a loan from this app. The interest rate depends on repayment history. It also depends on the cost of lending for a branch.



  • Phone number or Facebook account


  • Bank verification number


  • Bank account number


  • Repayment: Debit card or Payment into the company’s guaranteed trust account.


Abella credit App

Many Nigerian students have also enjoyed the student loan app Aella credit. This app focuses on giving female students loans. Request for loans is fast and immediate. In addition, they offer other services like helping students pay bills and peer-to-peer donations.



  • Phone number


  • Bank verification number


  • Bank account number


  • Repayment: Students can repay through cash deposit or Debit card


Pay later loan App

Pay later loan app is also called carbon loan app by students. This is because its tools are easy to use. Pay later loan app give loan to students intending to start small businesses.

Their operations are not limited to Nigeria alone. They are also available in England and the United States. They also help individuals pay for bills like electricity and water services.


  • Debit card


  • Quickteller


  • Direct transfer


  • Carbon wallet



Okash is another quick loan app for Nigerian students. It is a subsidiary of Opay. Okash has gained ground in some notable African countries, including Kenya and Nigeria.


Requirements: Working Credit card


Repayment: Through the registered card. Payment must be made in 91 – 365 days.


Over the years, Quickcheck has consistently provided loans to Nigerian students. They also give out loans for small businesses.



  • Facebook account


  • Personal and contact information


  • Repayment: Through the saved debit card or Bank transfer to the Company’s GTB account.


Kwik Money

The recent rebranding of this loan app has helped its users apply for loans. More accessible users can now apply for loans through the website, especially those without a mobile phone.



  • A mobile phone


  • A working phone number


  • Repayment: Through your mobile number


Ren Money

Ren money is a microfinance lending company. They help students increase the number of small businesses. They have an active contact centre and agent network. They are legitimate as NDIC has licensed them.



  • Age limit 25- 59 years old


  • A legal source of income


  • Savings account


  • Repayment: Through the registered debit card


Palm credit

Palm credit is a student loan app specifically for android users since most android phones are budget phones for students. The app is easy to navigate and download. The loan range is within 2000 to 100000 naira. Loan interest is 48 to 56%



  • Age limit 18 years


  • Android phone


  • Repayment: Through debit card or a cash transfer to the company’s access account.



This is another immediate response app for loans. Students enjoy low-interest rates and transparency with this app. Registration is free and easy. The app is easy to navigate, and it runs smoothly.



  • Basic financial information


  • Personal information


  • Repayment: Through debit card


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