Personal Caregiver Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship 2024 – Urgent!! – APPLY NOW

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Can you offer personal care to a person and get paid of up to at least $35,000 – $45,000 per year? Are you interested in working as a personal caregiver in the USA with Visa Sponsorship? If yes, then you are lucky to have come across this article. There are currently openings for personal caregiver jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship programs for foreigners to audition. However, in addition to the payment method, do you know that you can also get paid hourly? Therefore, when we say hourly payment, we are talking about up to like $15.67 – $18.00 daily.

Furthermore, being a personal caregiver in the United States is an excellent opportunity. Moreover, Visa Sponsorship gives you the chance to live and work in the United States legally. Aliens also get the opportunity to learn about a new way of life and new cultures.

You need to be qualified and experienced as a foreigner who wants to do this job in the United States. Many agencies are also looking to hire people with skills like yours who can be responsible for senior citizens in the country.

What’s more, your qualifications as a foreigner who wants to work as a personal caregiver are very important to agencies. Furthermore, the care of people with disabilities is in your hands, so you should be able to do your job as a personal caregiver in the United States.

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Who is A Personal Caregiver?

personal caregiver is a person who takes care of clients and patients and assists them with their daily activities. In other words, you will be a companion and provide home health care for them. Moreover, personal caregivers can work in hospitals, home health centers, and nursing care institutions.

People with chronic illnesses and disabilities can employ personal caregivers who can take care of them and help them with their daily activities.

Average Salary Of A Personal Caregiver in USA

The average salary of a personal caregiver in the United States is $13.53. The average salary of personal caregivers per year is also $38,165 approximately. However, the salaries of other caregivers and entry-level caregivers are also different. So, they do not earn the same hourly or yearly.

Responsibilities Of A Person Working in the USA As A Personal Caregiver With Visa Sponsorship

As a foreign personal carer who wants to work in the USA with visa sponsorship, here are your duties:

  • Making meals.
  • Cleaning the homes of clients.
  • Creating a care plan for patients that will work for them.
  • Checking the medications of clients.
  • Providing medical needs.
  • Giving medications when needed.
  • Engage in housekeeping activities.
  • Bathing patients.
  • Assist patients with transferring and toileting.

You also need to help the patients with their daily activities. Lastly, personal caregivers must provide emotional and mental support for the people under their care. So, you can give a listening ear to your clients when they need it.

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Personal caregivers’ jobs are very rewarding. It comes with a sense of purpose. In the United States, being a personal caregiver has some benefits. They include:

  • Visa Sponsorship.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Satisfaction with your work.

You also get to enjoy flexible working hours. So, you do not need to overwork yourself or be worried about your clients.

Visa To Apply For To Get A Personal Caregiver Visa Sponsorship Job In USA

If you want to work as a personal caregiver in the United States, then you need to get a work visa. Furthermore, various jobs have different visas for foreigners who want to work in the United States.

To work as a personal caregiver in the USA with visa sponsorship as a foreigner, you need an H-1B Visa. A work visa gives aliens the authority to travel and work in the USA as personal caregivers.


To be able to apply for personal caregiver jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship, you need to meet the hiring company’s requirements. But, below are the common criteria you need to meet:

  • You need to apply for an H-1B Visa.
  • Job seekers should be foreigners.
  • You need a high school diploma.
  • CPR Training.
  • Experience.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • First Aid Certification. (Not compulsory in all companies).
  • Ability to show empathy.
  • Patience.
  • You should be observant.
  • Foreigners should be able to show compassion.

Applicants should also have time management skills. If you can meet all the requirements you see, then securing a job will be easy.

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Where To Apply For Personal Caregiver Jobs

To be able to secure personal caregiver jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship, the following platforms will serve you excellently well:

  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Jooble
  • SimplyHired
  • Craigslist
  • Monster.
  • ZipRecruiter

And many more. There are also available jobs for you to apply for. Check them carefully to secure a good job and work as a foreigner.

How To Apply For Personal Caregiver Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship

To begin with, the application process for personal caregiver jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship for foreigners is very easy. So, if you are interested in any position, follow these steps to begin the process on an online platform:

  • Confirm if you suit the position.
  • Make sure that your resume and cover letter are strong.
  • Visit any job website of your preference.
  • Look for personal caregiver jobs In the USA with visa sponsorship in the search column.

You will need to submit your documents to the company’s email. If you are qualified, you will be called for an interview with them. So, be prepared, and here is a tip for you. Be confident.

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