Is Opay Investment Legit? – Opay Investment Platforms

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Is Opay Investment Legit? – Opay is a versatile online financial banking service that offers a variety of e-banking services. With your Opay account, you can make any sort of transaction on your phone without having to go through the hassle of visiting the bank. This is cool, right? But the even super cool feature of this bank is that you can save and earn on the platform. Now tell me, isn’t this thoughtful?

Opay was originally focused on providing mobile payment solutions, but now, it has diversified its services to include investment services, providing an opportunity for anyone to save and also earn as they do so.

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How Does Opay Investment Work?

The Opay investment platform offers an annual interest rate ranging between 8% and 20% depending on the platform you choose.

Investing in Opay works in such a way that when you sign up on any of the app investing platforms, you just need to deposit your money and start earning interest on your investment on a daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly basis.

For example, if you invest ₦50,000 in a company that pays 20% interest, your annual return on investment (ROI) will be about ₦2,000. I think this is a better way to save than just keeping money in banks. The only issue is that a lot of people are skeptical since the investment is done online.

Is Opay Investment legit?

This fantastic feature allows you to earn interest on your money, and if you ask me I would rather save my money on the Opay app than save my money in one of those traditional banks where my money would just sit and not yield interest.

The question is Opay investment real? is something I know you want to be sure of before investing your money. Personally, I can attest to the authenticity and legitimacy of this e-banking platform.

Opay is a fintech company that has gained not only popularity but also a good reputation for its great services. Opay is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, establishing its credibility as a reputable financial institution.

So, if you’re looking to grow your finances, this platform is what you need. Investing on the platform would not only allow you to earn through various investment options but will also give you access to withdraw your funds anytime, anywhere, and any day.

How to Invest and Make Money Daily

Investing is quite easy, all you need to start earning either on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis is to open an Opay account, sign up for any of the investment platforms that suit you then fund your wallet. Voila!

You can start earning money. You can earn as high as 8% – 20% annually depending on the investment platform you choose.

Practical Steps to Opay Investment Registration

Just as said earlier, the registration process is simple and straightforward. But for a better understanding, follow through the steps listed below:

  • Firstly, log in to your account using the Opay app. If you are a new customer, click on the “Signup” option and follow the steps on your screen
  • After successfully logging in, click on the “Finance” option at the bottom area of your dashboard
  • Next, select one of the investment platforms you want to invest in
  • Follow the instructions on your screen to register your account
  • Lastly, click on the “Invest” option and fund your wallet to invest.

Congratulations! You‘ve successfully registered your account you may now begin to invest.

Opay Investment Platforms

Opay offers a wide range of investment platforms that cater to different investment strategies. All you need to do is select the investment platform that aligns with your financial objectives.

You can also invest on more than 1 investment platform. Doing this allows you to maximize your earnings while also mitigating risks. Below is the list of investment platforms available on the Opay app.

  • Owealth
  • Opay Target
  • Opay Fixed
  • Opay SafeBox
  • Opay Save & Spend

Opay Owealth

Owealth is an investment platform linked to the Opay app. It is good to note that this platform offers investors up to 15% interest on annual investments.

How to invest in Opay Owealth

To invest in Opay Owealth, simply click on the ‘Debt’ option in the Finance section of your Opay account dashboard. Sign up and click on the “Invest” button to increase the amount you want to invest.

You will immediately start earning interest every day and have the option to withdraw your deposit whenever you want.

Opay Fixed

Opay Fixed is an investment platform visible in the Opay application whose return on investment is already greater than the others. The Opay Fixed provides investors with a return of up to 20% per annum.

How to invest in Opay Fixed

To invest in Opay Fixed, simply select the ‘Finance’ option at the bottom of your Opay dashboard and then select the ‘Fixed’ option. Now, Register your Account and click on “Invest” to add the amount you wish to invest.

Opay Targets

Opay Targets is a popular platform that gives you a simple way to save and invest your money on the Opay app.

This investment program allows you to deposit your money on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and get an ROI of up to 17% annually. You can always withdraw your money at any time.

How to Invest in Opay Targets

To invest in Targets, simply open the Opay app and click on the ‘Finance’ option found at the bottom of the Opay dashboard. Then click on the ‘Targets’ option. Next, sign up for an account and click ‘Invest’ to enter the amount you want to invest.

Opay SafeBox

The Opay SafeBox offers investors an annual return on investment (ROI) of 15%, with your profits being deposited daily into your SafeBox account.

How to invest in Opay SafeBox

To invest in SafeBox on Opay, simply click on the ‘SafeBox’ option in the Finance section of your Opay account dashboard. Next, sign up for an account and click on the ‘Invest’ button to increase the amount of money you wish to invest.


Opay investments are a viable option if you’re looking to grow your wealth. It is important to note that investing comes with risks so before investing, so evaluate the investment platform’s terms, conditions, and even features before investing.

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