Insurance Card Review | All You Should Know Before Applying for Insurance Card

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Insurance Card Review – Having an Insurance Card is one thing and knowing how the card in your possession works is another. An insurance card is a kind of card given to the anyone that has fully taken an insurance policy such as a car insurance or health insurance. The proof of an insurance documentation is a little card issued by your Insurance carrier to identify you as a person with an insurance policy.

What is an Insurance Card?

It’s a card that stands as proof of being genuinely insured. It shows you’ve successfully insured your vehicle while the health insurance card shows you’ve been insured in the medical line.

Insurance Card Review

Most times, proof of insurance comes to inform if an Identification insurance card contains the following information:

  •  Insurance Name and Address: Your name wouldn’t be listed if you’re not insured.
  • The year of Insurance: the year the insurance is taken.
  • Policy renewal insurance: getting a new policy to cover up once the old one runs out(expires).
  • Insurance company name: the name of the insurance company.
  • Insurance policy number: this will be required when filling a claim.

When Should You Receive Proof of Insurance?

Prove of insurance can be gotten when a new purchase policy has been made by you. Each renewal makes it possible for your card to be sent through mail or email. The card is sent 30 – 45 days in advance of your renewal.

Insurance cards can’t be replaced and the law requires you as a vehicle owner to always carry you proof of insured vehicle (your card). However, if your caught without any proof, try showing forth a declarations page (like a payment receipt) but the fact remains that they aren’t your insurance card meaning there’s non like it.

Who Can See My Insurance Card?

Your insurance Card can be seen by:

  •  Secretary of state (DMV Department of Motor Vehicles): your Insurance Card (proof) will be shown to the Secretary of State every time you renew your license   plate.
  • Police officer: Police Officers always ask for you “License and Registration” once they pull you over. So always have it with you to avoid stiff fines.
  • Claimant: after an accident, your vehicle insurance proof will be asked for.
  • Insurance company:  the company will require proof of prior insurance and   a declaration page is usually required.
  • Lender: the proof of lenders is a declaration page and not insurance ID cards.
  • Insurance company has got two proof of insurance for auto insurance coverage (two per vehicles). The first one is to be kept in your vehicle at all times while the other one is used to provide proof to the Secretary of State.

If There’s an Error on Your Proof of Insurance

   If you’ve got a different address or there’s a type error in your VIN number, you’ll need to have your proof of insurance updated. 

  • Contact your Insurance agent.
  • Head to your online policy and sigh in.
  • You could call your carriers customer service number and get you proof updated.

A wrong VIN number can affect you when it’s time to get your license plate rewarded and dealing with police.

What Do I Do If I Lost My Insurance Proof/Card?

What you need to do is to contact your agent, print online or call the customer service number immediately. You can get replied through your email, fax or it could be printed online

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Using Electronic Proof of Insurance

     Showing your Insurance Card (proof) through your phone has been made super easy and straightforward. Just check it out with your state by searching your state name and electronic proofs of insurance. It should be Enrolled by epolicy, your ID cards will arrive in the mail.

That’s all on the Insurance Card you’ll need to know. Hope this article was helpful? Enjoy the benefits of insured items.

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