High Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree 2023 – Apply Now

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High Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree 2023 – High Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree is one big happening thing in Canada which in most countries is hardly seen. University degrees or previous experience are usually essential for getting a successful or decent-paying joy.

Notwithstanding, numerous jobs don’t require you to have a degree or experience in that field or discipline you will engage in. Hence, when you understand this fact, you will be able to excel in your career option and make a better decision.

High Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree 2023

Without missing words, Canada is a country that is full of opportunities and very creative minds. The country is interested in developing individuals’ minds and providing other job opportunities and skill development programs. However, in this content, we will be discussing high-paying jobs in Canada without a university degree, their salary, and their primary duties.

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High Paying Jobs in Canada Without Degree 

There are several jobs that need just your service, although most times, it needs your job experience and report of your service while working with others. However, some jobs don’t need any proof of work experience or a university degree. Hence, all you need to do is to tender your application letter and attend an interview that is set by the particular company. some of these jobs include

  • Miner
  • Web developer.
  • Mechanic
  • Bookkeeper
  • Nail technician.
  • Truck Driver.
  • Railway yard and track maintenance.
  • Transit driver.
  • Contractor manager.
  • Land surveyor.
  • App developer.
  • Pilot
  • Car sales executive.
  • Real estate agent.
  • Sales associate.
  • Plumber
  • Landscape technician.
  • Mobile developers.

The above job doesn’t need any schooling degree to apply for work.


Miners are responsible for mining minerals like ore, rocks, and coal in an underground environment. They also design and construct supporting pathways to aid their transportation into and out of the mines.

The average salary of a miner is $21.71 per hour. However, if you are an aspiring applicate, you will have to tender your application letter to a mining company for its consideration.

Web Developer

Web developers are programmers who develop world wide web applications using a client-server model. This type of job in Canada doesn’t necessarily need a university degree to apply. Hence, all you need is to know about the skill and how it is done. Furthermore, while applying, you can use the working experience you have over time. The average salary of a web developer in Canada is $29.59 per hour.


Mechanic jobs in Canada are one job that is very important and their services are not negotiable. However, this is to say that no matter the change in the economy, people are still going to drive their cars, add trackers to them and service their cars to ensure its in good shape and working fine. In most cases, auto mechanics must not possess a diploma before they can be employed, all they need to have is a good working experience as a mechanic and also undergo a training course before they can be employed. The average salary of a mechanic in Canada is $25.00 per hour.


A bookkeeper is someone who produces updated and accurate books for readers. This book contains business/finance, social life, motivational books and other interesting write-ups. However, if you are comfortable with numbers and prepared for “on-the-job learning”, then bookkeeping can be a good career choice for you. Furthermore, the average salary of a bookkeeper is $40.00.

Nail Technician

A nail technician may sound unprofessional compared to the jobs listed above, but it is still one of the most interesting jobs that accommodate applicate without a university degree, all you need is to undergo training if you are not having any working experience before applying. However, if you don’t know what a nail technician is, we will tell you and also tell you how much they receive as an average salary.

A nail technician is a person that style and shapes people’s nails with a colorful already made nail, gams, glitter, and colored varnish. Etc. however, as simple as the job may look, its average salary is $24.00.

Truck Driver 

Are you a good driver that knows how to drive all kinds of cars and trucks? Then, you can make it big in Canada. Truck drivers are people who drive truck vehicles for some particular set of companies. This could be a delivery truck or truck for carrying raw material to the company. The average salary of a truck driver in Canada is $144,969.

Railway Yard and Track Maintenance

Railway yard and track maintenance are people who are responsible for regulating yard traffic, couple and uncouple trains, and other related yard activities. Furthermore, they are responsible for operating machines and maintaining equipment, and also repairing railway tracks. They earn $23.25 as their salary per hour.


Is your aim to save a life, but do you want to do it in a more amazing way?  The above mention job is one of the most amazing jobs in Canada that doesn’t need a university degree to apply. This job only needs a high school diploma, a certificate in first aid, CPR, a clear criminal history report, and also proof of your ability to speak English. Hence, when all these requirements are in place, you will be employed as a firefighter and you will be accessible to a salary of $100,688 a year.

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Transit Driver

Transit driver is one profitable job you can find in Canada and you can make an application with a university degree. However, all you need to have is good driving skills and also a driving license back it up. Furthermore, a transit driver must possess certain qualities such as good hearing ability, visual ability, physical health, and hand-eye coordination. Etc. Moreso, the salary of a transit driver is $44,294 per hour.

Contractor Manager

Some companies in Canada prefer a degree for this kind of job, however, some prefer on-site experience applicateA contractor manager is someone who is responsible for the physical construction process of a building and also the administration of resources on a construction site. These kinds of people earn $60k in a year.

Land Surveyor

A land surveyor is a person who is professionally trained to measure a plot of land to identify boundaries for design and construction purposes, settle property line disputes and create maps. However, interested applicate who would like to get involuted with this kind of job will have to undergo a training section under the watch of the company who wants to employ him or her. Furthermore, the salary of a land surveyor is $38,075 to $108, 568.

App Developer

An app developer is someone who is involved in coding, designing, application management, troubleshooting, monitoring updating possible security threats and providing end-user support. An app developer earns $66,058 per month.


Pilots can work with private or commercial airlines to transport people or cargo on an aircraft. They work closely with their copilot and air traffic controllers to ensure it is safely operated. To become a pilot in most cases, you will only have to undergo train and pass certain courses during your training. The average salary of a pilot is $43.96 per hour.

Car Sale Executive

The average yearly salary for a car sales executive is $78,99. This set of individuals is responsible for selling and getting compensation from the company they are representing. This compensation is known as their salary.

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is responsible for helping house seekers with available houses and they work under the watch of certain companies.  This set of persons earns $107,843 per year.

This and many more jobs you can get in Canada without a university degree.

Frequently Ask Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you in getting a job in Canada with a university degree. These questions include, can I get a good job with a degree in Canada? How can I make $60000 a year without a degree? What career can I get in a year? What is the highest paid unskilled job in Canada? What is the easiest job to get in Canada?

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What is the Easiest Job to get in Canada?

The easiest job to get in Canada without a degree includes shipper, realtor, firefighter, landscaper, bartender, receptionist, transit driver, and recruiter. Etc. while in Canada, you can make an application and you will be sure of having the above-listed job.

What is the Highest-paid Unskilled Job?

Here is a list of the highest-paid unskilled job in Canada, servers (they earn $12.01 per hour), farm workers, care associates, security guards, food production workers, and stocking associates ($12.60 per hour), transport drivers, janitors ($12.09). Etc.

What Career Can I Get in a Year?

Do you want to travel to Canada and start a new life but are confused about what career to start or get in a year? Then, you should check out the list below to see the one that suits you best.

  • Real estate agent.
  • Truck driver.
  • Court reporter.
  • Massage therapist.
  • Construction equipment operator.
  • Solar photovoltaic installer.
  • Dental assistant.

These are careers you can start within a year.

Can I get a Good Job with a Degree in Canada?

Yes. You can work in Canada without a degree and you can still receive a work visa as long as you acquire the skill, experience, education, and language and meet your chosen company’s job requirements.

How can I Make $60000 a Year Without a Degree?

You can make $60000 in a year without a degree with the following jobs MRI technician, dental hygienist, power plant operator, massage therapist, freelance photographer, makeup artist, yoga instructor. etc.

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