Cheapest Car Insurance for International Students In USA

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Cheapest Car Insurance for International Students In USA – It is considered illegal to drive a car in the US without an active, valid driver’s license. Several states in the US also require auto insurance and have different laws about car insurance requirements. So, what does that mean for international students in the US? As simply as getting behind the wheels as an international student in the US can seem overwhelming, Students may struggle with auto insurance costs.

Auto Insurance cost may cost more than those of an American driving history or credit score, and auto insurance companies use that information to determine your insurance cost.

Now, with the surge of cost in insurance, there are ways in which you can save on insurance so that you can get driving experience and explore America’s open roads.

One of the best ways is for you to compare your car insurance quotes with insurify. If you are an international student, you can find a car insurance company that understands your unique situation.

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Below is a table showing carriers with the lowest and highest generic quotes for foreign college students drivers:

Cheapest Car Insurance for International Students In USA

Cheapest Companies

Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Premium
National General$172
Direct Auto$180

Most Expensive Companies

Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Premium
Liberty Mutual$251
Commonwealth Casualty$263
The General$268

Best Way to Save for an Insurance

To save some cash, find an insurance company that understands what international drivers need.

Start with larger national insurance companies – they typically offer international driver insurance. You might also find good student discounts to help you save money with a foreign license or driving permit in the U.S.

Want a shortcut to save time? Use Insurify to compare free car insurance quotes. You’ll get no-strings-attached rates from companies that can offer you the best auto insurance rates while you’re stateside. You can even unlock discounts based on your status as a student (it really does pay to be smart).

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Commuting and Driving as an International Student

Follow your state’s specific rules for international driver’s permits (IDP) and American driver’s licenses. You don’t want points on your driving record that will lead to even higher insurance premiums down the road. If you need car insurance but don’t have a license, you can still secure coverage.

Get a U.S. driver’s license instead of relying on your home country’s international driver’s license, even if you don’t plan on becoming a citizen. Each state has different requirements for non-citizen driver’s licenses, so check with your local department of motor vehicles (DMV).

Consider buying a car insurance policy that’s higher than state minimum liability insurance coverage. The costs stemming from an at-fault car accident may be impossible to pay for if you don’t have sufficient motorist coverage.

Avoid choosing the highest deductible simply because it will lower your premium. It’s smart to select the highest possible deductible that you can afford, but it’s crucial to figure out how much you can actually pay out of pocket at a moment’s notice.

If you plan to drive to school or work frequently, make an educated guess on your mileage when purchasing insurance. Ask your insurance agent or another representative if your coverage levels are appropriate for your driving frequency. Lower mileage means lower monthly payments.

Adjusting to a New Living Situation

Ask a family member living in the U.S. (and in the same state as you) to add you to their policy. Having multiple people on one policy is cheaper than having a policy on your own. The only catch? Your primary residence address needs to be the same as theirs.

Be aware of the location of your new apartment, house, or job. Insurance providers consider the crime, vandalism, and traffic rates of where your car spends most of its time when quoting rates. Ask if you can unlock a discount by installing an anti-theft or tracking device for your car.

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