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Pawp is a preferable and affordable alternatives to traditional pet insurance, and is amazing alternative to consider. It is good because its emergency plan covers the conditions of your pet even before the policy is carried out, something that’s difficult to find when it comes to pet insurance.

It is a new and first-of-its-kind platform that addresses few essential pain points for pet parents: it give access to quality vet care and is important paying for it. The company offer on-demand telehealth via a 24 hours digital vet clinic and a $3,000 emergency fund so pet owners are never compared or induced to make difficult healthcare decisions based on accessibility or financial restraints. Its aim is to help pet parents become more equipped, educated and financially empowered to take good care of their pets.

Pet Insurance is Affordable with pawp For All Pets — No Exceptions

The New York, Sept. 24, 2020 PRNewswire reported that pawp supports pets and their owners during emergency situations, without exclusions. A $19 monthly subscription to Pawp Clinic includes 24/7 access to licensed vets and a $3,000 emergency fund — no matter a pet’s age, breed, location, or medical history — and can be applied for up to 6 pets in a household at no extra cost. Isn’t this great?

Pawp is an alternative to pet insurance that is affordable. Never choose between a vet bill and your pet’s life. Pawp Clinic is instant and unlimited and always there for you anytime, any day, connecting members to experienced vets within few minutes for both general pet questions and other serious issues pertaining to your pet. If the Pawp Vet is checked and it determines that a pet needs emergency care, the member will have access to $3,000 in emergency funds to be used at the clinic of their choice one time per year. No copay, no deductible, and no paying it back.

Goals or Aim of Pawp

The aim of Pawp is to reduce the number of unnecessary vet visits by helping determine when it is an emergency situation or can be resolved at home, saving pet parents thousands of dollars a year. The major goal is to stop pet euthanasia for economic reasons which sadly accounts for more than 50% of all cases by making sure pet owners never have to choose between paying a vet bill and saving their pet’s life.

According to the 2020 Average Cost of Pet coverage the average cost of accident/illness plan coverage in the US for dogs is $47.20 and cats is $29.54 per month. Only 2% of pet parents in the US currently have pet insurance, despite 40% of American not having $400 in emergency savings. At $19/month for up to 6 pets, Pawp provides a safety net and takes the worry out of pet parenting. Unlike any pet insurance providers, it even covers emergencies related to preexisting conditions.

Pawp is led by co-founder CEO Marc Atiyeh, who was formerly CSO of Clarity Money and Head of Growth at Paribus.

Why buy pet insurance?

A pet owner would want to provide the best possible care for their pet because their pet is just like their friend, but as veterinary technology continues to advance, this care and protection can come at a high price. At  least one out of every three pets will need emergency vet care every year, and pet owners know that their pets can get very sick and fast. Dealing with emergency care can make pet parents feel like they don’t have options and often end up costing thousands of dollars out of pocket.

For the last 10 years, there have been stories about grief-stricken pet families turning to creditors, personal loans, and even crowd-funding sites have flooded the internet. Today, there is a good news, pet parents can turn to pawp insurance to help pay for expensive vet bills. Pet parents can also turn to other pet insurance companies. Traditional pet insurance companies work like human health insurance and can help save money for critical care.

Depending on the policy, pet insurance can reimburse pet owners for accidents, illnesses, emergency care, and routine or preventative treatments. These reimbursements mean saving between 25 or 30 and 100 percent of the entire qualifying vet bill. Pet owners not having to face the emotional and financial turmoil of affordable vet bills can mean a world of difference.

Pet parents would do anything for their cats and dogs, but with the perfect insurance policy, that doesn’t have to include going into debt.

Pet Insurance Policies and Prices of pawp

Pawp is one of the best insurance companies for pet and they offer emergency fund coverage for cats and dogs in all 50 states of the US.

The company don’t need new policy holders to undergo a vet exam before enrollment. That is because policy holders can use the emergency fund for pre-existing conditions. However, Pawp must approve any treatment coverage as an emergency, which means it won’t cover any scheduled surgeries or appointments.

Pawp’s Emergency Fund

Ordinarily Pawp is not a traditional pet insurance company Ratherr than reimburse pet owners for a particular treatments throughout the year, Pawp is an emergency fund that can be accessed once a year for up to $3,000. Coverage for dogs and cats is $19 per month and covers up to six pets in a household. This means that pet parents have immediate access to $3,000 for a single expensive treatment in cases of left ventricular failure, stroke, poisonings, or broken bones.

According to Pawp’s website, it won’t restrict coverage regardless of age, breed, or medical history. Still, policy holders cannot change any aspects of Pawp’s emergency fund. That includes a $0 deductible and $0 co-pay. The policy covers emergency or any situation that is considered serious, dangerous, and unexpected, including pre-existing conditions, accidents, and illnesses. Though it covers pre-existing conditions, it won’t cover already scheduled treatments, which means it won’t cover cancer, rehabilitation, prescriptions, or wellness care.

it covers emergency up to 100 percent, up to $3,000, if your dog or cat needs critical care. This may include but not limited to immediate treatments for organ dysfunction, kidney disease, heart failure, and high blood pressure. It’ll also pay for vet fees like catheters, cardiac pressure tracing, anesthesia, and sterilization.That includes cardiology treatment, which can end up being super expensive. For example, if your dog has heart valve stenosis, which is present at birth and restricts blood flow. Your vet would need to run multiple tests to check the cardiac index and cardiac output. If the right ventricular pressure was too high or the atrial pressure was too low, the vet would have to address these problems, too. Why it would not cover any of these treatments or tests is that the company wouldn’t consider it an immediate and urgent emergency.

Though if your dog were to develop pulmonary edema or systolic heart failure, Pawp would pay up to $3,000 toward treatment. Both conditions require urgent treatment; otherwise, your dog may die.

Pawp Insurance for Your Cat and Dog

Pawp offers an emergency fund for cats and dogs to help with financial emergencies that pet owners might face regarding pet care unlike typical pet insurance companies.The emergency fund is like preloading a Visa card with accessible funds that pet owners don’t have to pay back. Policy holders can have a single, emergency vet visit completely covered for up to $3,000 by any licensed vet or clinic.

The emergency fund offers good policy when accessible, especially as one of the only companies to offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. One of the most expensive medical pet scenarios is Vet visits for critical care, making the trip more stressful. Having an emergency fund can take some of the financial stress away by providing options other than creditors or personal loans.

For instance, if a pet parent bring a dog to an emergency clinic after it has a stroke, the bill could get very expensive quickly. The vet team would need to run multiple tests to determine what caused the stroke and any reactions, including the diastole, heart’s stroke volume, or pulmonary circulation. The team would further have to stabilize the dog’s mitral valve to prevent any further damage. All these aspects could cost thousands of dollars, depending on your dog’s health.

With pawp these expensive treatments would be resolved tremendously, pet owners don’t have to limit access to vital treatments due to a lack of funds. Almost 66 percent of pet euthanasia are due to a lack of finances for necessary procedures, and pet insurance can help prevent this awful choice from being necessary. It can also help protect everything from your cat’s nose to its right and left ventricles to its tail.

Does Pawp have Insurance for Your Bird or Exotic Animal ?

Pawp does not offer insurance for birds or exotic pets. presently, Nationwide is the only traditional pet insurance company to provide pet insurance for exotic animals and Pet Assure is the only alternative pet insurance company that covers birds or exotic pets.

Pawp Claims, Deductibles, and Benefits

Pawp policy holders has a fixed rate of $19 per month which cannot be changed by any aspect. However, they can choose whether to purchase individual plans for each pet or cover up to six pets under one plan. This means that the individual plan Purchased would cover for at one emergency vet trip per pet each year.

Pawp does not have a deductible, which is not the traditional way in the pet insurance industry.The deductible mean the amount of money policy holders need to spend out of pocket before accessing any insurance funds. Deductibles usually range from $100 to $1,000, so Pawp policy holders save hundreds.

Pawp also doesn’t have a co-pay, which is the percentage of the vet bill that pet owners have to pay. Most of pet insurance companies don’t pay vets directly, primarily used the reimbursement model of payment. It will pay for 100 percent of the vet bill and will pay the clinic directly. That means pet owners can leave their emergency clinic without paying a dime toward a vet bill.

Disadvantages of Pawp compared to other pet Companies

One of the disadvantages of Pawp is that its $3,000 annual limit is relatively low when compared to other companies and cannot be adjusted. It does not have a lifetime maximum. Another short comings is the annual one-time use, which means Pawp will only cover one vet trip per year. Meaning if your dog has a bad case of regurgitation in March, it won’t cover pulmonary hypertension in September.

The difference in this pet insurance policy could mean between paying some dollars every week or going into debt because of a veterinary emergency. We recommend you compare pet insurance quotes and plans before purchasing a plan.

Pawp Payments

Pawp policy holders don’t have to file any claims to pay their vet bills compared to other insurance companies. This is so because it pays vet clinics and hospitals directly, rather than through reimbursements. The company will pay for a vet visit after a Pawp vet confirms an emergency through its portal in real time. After treatment, the clinic receptionist can coordinate payment over the phone. Pawp  will review and approve payments before a client leaves the clinic.

The Waiting Periods for Pawp

The waiting period for all pawp emergency coverage is five days after signing up. This ordinarily means that pet parents cannot purchase a Pawp policy while at the vet. Still, a five-day waiting period is significantly shorter when compared to many other companies. Competitors usually range from two weeks to six months.

Pawp vs. Competitors

Ordinarily Pawp is not traditional pet insurance, but just like every other alternative financing option, its major aim is to help pet owners save enough money in emergencies. Pawp can simply be said to be an emergency fund that can be used once a year for immediate cases of critical care. Other alternative companies like Pet Assure and Eusoh use similar coverage options and pricing formats.

Pet Assure offers flat-rate pricing that depends on how pets covered and their location and sizes. Just Like Pawp, Pet Assure can keep its monthly premium as low as $10 to $15 per month. Both companies cover emergencies or urgent and pre-existing conditions; however, one of the difference is that Pet Assure also covers scheduled appointments, surgeries, and routine care. Both companies also allow multi-pet families to use a single plan to protect multiple pets.

Eusoh is a crowd-sharing platform, this means that all funds used to reimburse members come directly from other community members. Pet parents pay $65 maximum each month, depending on the amount other users spent each month. Eusoh covers illnesses, accidents, and routine care but will not cover pre-existing conditions.

To compare price and coverage options

 Pawp’s quote for a three-year-old cat named Jackie, who lives in Rochester, New York, would cost $19 per month. Jackie would have coverage for emergency illnesses and accidents but could only receive funds once a year. That means if he needed surgery to lower his central venous pressure in May, Pawp would not cover any arterial surgeries in November. For the same pet, Pet Assure would quote $9.95 each month, which could be brought down to $6.58 by paying up front yearly. Pet Assure offers a 25 percent discount on all veterinary procedures but can only be used within Pet Assure’s vet network. Eusoh would initially quote $65. Pet parents then have to pay $17 each month and maintain a $48 deposit, which Eusoh uses to fund other group members. Eusoh covers 80 percent of a vet bill, which the company bases on the average cost of the treatment in your area. If Jackie developed heart cancer and needed surgery to put in a pulmonary artery catheter, Pet Assure would only pay 25 percent. Eusoh would pay 80 percent of the average procedural cost, which is significantly more.


Your pet is your friend and deserve the best medical protection. Pawp is a new and first-of-its-kind platform that addresses few essential pain points for pet parents: it give access to quality vet care and is important paying for it. The company offer on-demand telehealth with 24 hours digital vet clinic and a $3,000 emergency and urgent funds so you will never be forced to make difficult healthcare decisions based on accessibility or financial restraints because Pawp is there for you.

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