The emergency caused by the novel coronavirus is causing profound structural changes in the way we do business. We don’t sell and market like we did before the virus, and it may be some time before we revert to that model – if we ever do.

Even before the emergency, market research by Beagle Research (my company, full disclosure) conclusively showed that employees stuck with old, inefficient technology.

Our studies show that employees have added work by juggling multiple screens and windows, and working more hours to support older recording systems, when the real need is for engagement systems and systems. intelligence.

Conservation and renewal priorities

No one is responsible for the rapid obsolescence of old technologies for customers, because the market has simply moved very quickly.

For example, demand has changed overnight, forcing us to completely rethink what we use customer tools for. At the start of the year, the focus was on acquiring new customers and, while this remains important, the situation on the ground made customer retention and renewal more critical.

A new generation of tools supported by analytics and technology platforms are becoming available to fill the technology gaps we saw before COVID-19; holes that are so big now in today’s remote working environment that they simply need to be filled.

Remote working conditions are important, but so are marketing activities, as companies strive to communicate with customers.

All of this leads to relying on data to drive algorithms that are increasingly driving business – and data is what many vendors are emphasizing.

New marketing tools

Oracle’s strategy centers on the CX Unity Customer Intelligence platform, a data management platform that is at the heart of what marketers do when they use Eloqua, Responsys, Maxymiser, CX Audience, Crowd Twist and CX. Happy.

Here are the main announcements and their meanings:

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) – a new account management dashboard added to Eloqua to provide greater visibility into the activity of the most engaged accounts. In addition, the possibility of further enriching the firmographic data using Oracle Datafox.
  • We communicate more and more by videoconference. Oracle introduced solutions that integrate Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams to make it easier for marketers to communicate between Eloqua and customers.
  • Content blocks to improve the effectiveness of content marketing programs. Essentially, this allows marketers to preconfigure blocks of content that can be used on landing pages and emails. The results are more efficient use and distribution of content.
  • Personalization capabilities for Responsys that will optimize the channel, time, and message to send to individual customers There is also an intelligent audience selection feature to help marketers find more customers with similar backgrounds.
  • Query capability for Oracle CrowdTwist, a loyalty program monitor. It boosts data capture and helps the rest of Oracle Marketing Cloud drive more personal interactions.

Right moment

So there is something for every marketer in all of this, whether it is B2B, B2C, or some other customer model. These additions appear to have been going on for some time, possibly longer than the pandemic that kept people out of offices. So these are both natural evolutions of Oracle Marketing Cloud and improvements that come at the right time.

Obviously, for the sake of security, one of the natural developments that are showing in businesses now is a strong tendency to refrain from congregating in offices, while managing business demands. These new introductions should allow Oracle customers to be more efficient in a new reality that requires less time around and therefore more intuition.

Denis pombriant is a well-known CRM industry analyst, strategist, writer and speaker. His new book, You can’t buy customer loyalty, but you can earn it, is now available on Amazon. His 2015 book, Solve for customer, is also available there.
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