We believe that sales and marketing are on the same team, working towards the same goal: to generate income and grow your business.

Their tactics may be different: marketers communicate at scale, while salespeople communicate person-to-person, but they are two links in the same chain. And they can’t work together effectively if they don’t operate with the same information.

Think about CRM and marketing automation software as two rockets linked together, pointed in opposite directions. As powerful as they are individually, the fact that they are separate systems with separate data and driven by separate teams can be a big problem. No matter how you use these tools, there will always be a void where critical information will be lost.

The goal of growth software is to bridge this gap and make the sales and marketing teams function as an organized unit.

What is growth software?

Growth software is a category of business software that combines sales and marketing functionality into one unified platform.

Growth software typically includes email marketing automation, customer relationship management and pipeline automation tools, allowing growth teams to have a full understanding of their historical relationship with each contact, provide the right attention at every stage of the funnel, and encourage collaboration between salespeople and marketers.

As of this writing, the growth software market is led by a handful of seasoned players including ActiveCampaign and HubSpot. Later this year, Nutshell will add email marketing automation to our powerful CRM suite and sales automation tools, officially bringing us into the growth software category.

What are the benefits of growth software?

By allowing sales reps, sales managers and marketers to work from a single tool, growth software offers a number of benefits. To know…

1. More information falling into the “black hole”

The main disadvantage of using separate software tools for marketing and sales is that they each contain different information. Salespeople and marketers often don’t know what information is the most recent, or what the other service is telling their prospects.

This information “black hole” leads to transactions and conversations that slip through the cracks, and leads and customers to receiving irrelevant messages. (“I just bought a Peloton, so why is Peloton emailing me to find out if I want to buy a Peloton?”)

Even the best CRM / Email Marketing Integrations don’t do a perfect job synchronizing critical information in both places, or communicating the full context of your marketing relationship with a prospect to the sales team. Operating from a unified growth software tool is the only way to prevent important customer information from falling into the black hole.

2. More information on the impact of marketing efforts on sales

Being able to follow customers “from source to sale” is the silver bullet for growth teams. If you can trace individual customers to specific marketing efforts, you can focus your marketing budget on the channels and campaigns that attract the most profitable customers.

Growth software gives you direct insight into how marketing inputs connect to sales results. What types of marketing messages generate the most sales? What is the impact on revenue from your email newsletter or landing pages? Understanding these things with separate sales and marketing tools requires a ton of research and math.

Unified Growth tools make the attribution process much easier and provide you with actionable data to increase the efficiency of your entire funnel.


16 sales process models for B2B pipelines

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3. Fewer tools (and integrations) to juggle

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to buy a CRM, an email marketing tool, and a commercial engagement and how do you make them all work together?

Each software tool your business uses has different passwords, different administrators, and different user experiences, and switching between them steals your focus and takes time out of your day. And while we certainly appreciate the value of software tools play well with each other, connecting these tools together can be a major headache.

Plus, some things shouldn’t even to be integrations in the first place. (Imagine having your email and calendar hosted in separate tools!) CRM and marketing automation are so intertwined that they should naturally be operated from a single product. You shouldn’t need more than one tool to track a customer going through your conversion funnel.

Sales and marketing teams can’t rely on integrations to do their jobs efficiently, most can’t afford a business product like HubSpot, and you shouldn’t expect them to. fix together a handful of tools using API or Zapier. Creating a flawless customer experience requires bridging the gap entirely and making it accessible to all businesses, not just giants. “

Andy Fowler, co-founder of In short

4. Greater unity around team goals

We firmly believe that the sales and marketing must be part of the same team, in pursuit of the same goal: revenue growth. But when your salespeople and marketers are siled into separate departments with their own software tools, they tend to look for individual metrics that have less impact.

Maybe your marketing team is spending all of their time trying to improve their web traffic, open and click-through rates, and mailing list size, while your sales team is trying to increase the number of meetings booked or the average size of the agreement. None of these efforts will move the needle as much as a collaborative focus on the big picture.

Growth software encourages your entire team to work together by providing shared tools, shared data, and a completely transparent view of how marketing and sales efforts impact each other. When marketers see the performance of leads from certain channels down the funnel, they can adjust their strategy accordingly, bringing in more leads that will help their salespeople (and the business as a whole) be successful.

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6 features to look for in a growth software platform

Growth software doesn’t have to do all, but it should contain the basic tools your sales and marketing teams need to turn prospects into customers. When shopping for growth software, be sure to see how each solution stacks up against these six important features.


We will start with the obvious. CRM is the source of truth for your customer relationships, because it contains the contact information and communication history of every buyer and potential buyer your business has ever interacted with.

Everything you need to know about individual sales contacts, from their location and function to the last marketing email they opened, should be easily accessible in your growth software’s CRM. And when your customers’ information is contained in a unified sales and marketing platform, there should be no doubts about keeping that information up to date.

Email Marketing Automation

It’s the primary tool marketers rely on to nurture their email contacts and turn form fillers into real leads. Whether you need to send out a weekly marketing newsletter, a one-time product announcement, or a drip series, you should be able to do it from your growth software, and the responses and performance stats of each campaign. email should be visible to everyone on your growth team.

There are many things annoys us about email marketing software in its current form, but putting it under the same roof as your sales tools fixes most of those little aggravations.

Automated sales email sequences

There are two ways to run a business that generates thousands of leads per month: hire a massive sales team or let the technology work in your favor.

A time-saving growth software tool for sales reps is automated personal email sequences, which allow you to create personalized personalized emails that trigger when a prospect reaches a certain point in your pipeline and stop as soon as the prospect responds.

This ensures that all of your new leads get a ‘personal’ touch from your salespeople, while allowing your team to devote more time to high-value activities such as phone calls, personal demonstrations and customer meetings. .

Plus, having automated email sequences as part of your growth software means you don’t need to go up (and pay!) Another business engagement tool like Outreach, Reply or Mixmax.


Write fewer emails, get more responses.

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personal email sequences

Automation and customization of pipelines

While personal email sequences automate your sales reps outreach activity, pipeline automation features automate your business selling process, which is just as important. Having the ability to create custom and automated sales pipelines means you can …

  • Automatically assign leads to your salespeople based on the people most likely to shut them down
  • Create stage goals that automatically advance leads through your pipeline when goals are met
  • Trigger reminders and actions at every stage of the pipeline that ensure your sales reps take the necessary action to advance the lead

With each prospect going through a standardized process, important business is no longer lost due to disorganization, and your sales manager can focus on leadership instead of micromanaging.

I don’t have to ask my team every day, “How’s it going?” … I knew the automation would be great, but the surprise that happened was how much [Nutshell] will help me as a manager, to be a support based leader.

Jennifer Acker, Managing Director of Eclectic music

Landing page and web form builders

Email marketing software can help your team connect with existing contacts, but where do those contacts come from in the first place? In one inbound sales model, building your list of subscribers and potential buyers depends on directing web traffic to the relevant landing pages and whether those visitors are convinced to submit their contact details through built-in forms.

Today marketers typically rely on third-party landing page platforms such as Bounce to create and manage these pages. (And if they are really skillful, they integrate their landing page software into their CRM to track customers from source to sale.)

However, the flow of visitors to signup is so critical to a modern marketing operation that landing page and website CMS tools should logically be part of your growth software suite as it would eliminate another potential area. loss of information about prospects.

These features may not be a standard issue for growth software. again, but we think this is where the category is heading.

Customer service

Growth software platforms contain a wide range of features that can be overwhelming for teams from spreadsheets, or who were using their invoicing software as a customer database.
There will be times when using these platforms where you just want to ask another human, “Can you help me figure this out?” That’s why free access to a live support team is just as important as any technical functionality. (Pro tip: If a software company tries to charge you extra for the tech support privilege, they don’t deserve your business.)

Do you think growth software would help your team grow? Send us an e-mail at [email protected] to discover Nutshell’s growth software platform before it is released to the general public. Or, start a 14 day free trial of our award-winning CRM and sales automation and find out why Nutshell customers love love love we!


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